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Little Rascals Weekend Blastoff!

Another playground for my Iittle rascals.  A short get away from the city.  Different from their usual weekend of going out to mall and Dave's house pIayroom routine,  I am so glad to have found this place.

Rascals spent their night in this cozy place.
they super liked the room. cool room they said
After they have enjoyed to ransack the bedroom, finally they asked us to go out and see the outside of this cute resort.
whats next to visit but the playroom
They enjoyed the playroom the next day.  A Sunday Loving Wii.

They were in their swimming suit already and like other kids that are slave of the water once they see one, nothing could make them wait longer but jump in!

who can resist this so inviting pool

happy swimming
They spent the whole day swimming with their found friends in the pool.  I couldn't even get them to have picture with me.

Oh I did able to snatched my eldest for this one!