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Mogambo Springs date with Girlfriends

Girl's last day of vacation. Abandoning the original plan to go out the resort and they decided to spend the whole afternoon at the resorts Spa. Of course, I joined. How can I resisted a free Mogambo Springs complete experience!

So there we were, a total relaxing afternoon. 

Mogambo Springs is a Japanese inspired Spa located inside Plantation Bay Resorts and Spa.  Totally a whole different world when you get inside.  You will truly feel what it would be like to be inside of those Spa places you only see in the magazines (this is for me that have not been in Japan yet, but for those that have already visited the may confirm it yourself).  It is said that the Spa is recapturing the ambiance of Tokugawa Japanese village in 1783.  This Japanese inspired oasis is a must experience when you visit Cebu. I know it is a bit pricey when you are going to book a stay in the hotel but I tell you, you do not need to check in to the hotel to experience the spa, yes you read it right because they also accommodate walk-ins as long as you are going to avail a P1,000 service each person. Just call before hand so they get informed what time is your arrival.

So here are the photos I've taken inside.

the receiving area

the back of receiving area
this is the view from the receiving area

the massage rooms
By the way, we learned that they have rooms inside that are also available for check-in if you wanted a more private area.

this is the room that we used for our 1 hour skinful pleasure massage

the view from the rooms
this is where the springs are
And finally the Goddess!
Definitely it was a relaxing and energy charging afternoon for them before going back to Manila and back to their normal day to day grind.  And of course, for me too!