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Yolk Coffee and Breakfast on our 13th!

It has been a while since I last publish a post.  I would just always start it, make a title save it so I could finish it the next time but I just ended up accumulating my drafts.  Years of drafts posts so imagine how many pages in my page manager are still there waiting.  Now I'm trying to make another post so I hope I finish it this time.

Today is our 13th year marriage anniversary.  Yep, congratulations to us!  I am sick since Saturday and I don't expect of anything today to happen since I cannot make myself even stand up because I'm still dizzy plus unbelievable amount of rashes all over my body appeared that I doubted came from my 3 days and 2 nights high fever.  But the asawa as usual has no gift, no video either this time but a FB post wanted at least to celebrate the day.  My husband knowing me that loves coffeehouse with striking interiors, has a latte art plus of course a delectable meal had himself searched a new place in town that we have not yet tried.  Me, being wanted to make him feel that I appreciate the effort, I wrap myself with a longsleeves to cover the undesirable rashes that may others dining there see and feel disgust and ruin their morning date.  Alright the intro is way too long I finally here, we talk about the cafe! Haha

We arrived there just minutes after they opened. They open daily @7:30am.  Yup we were there that early.  After we sent the kiddos to school we directly went there just the right time that their limited parking space was still vacant.  The cafe is located just behind the bread after bread along F. Cabahug St.
the front of the Cafe   
That quaint and old fashioned appearance outside is so inviting that I can't wait to see what is more inside.  I have a thing with bricks and it always give me a delightful feeling each time I see brick walls.   I am so right,  an industrial interiors and decors welcomed us.

I love all those diy decors I saw inside. It made me feel cozy and refresh after 4 days of being sick and staying all day in our bedroom.
Happiness is having a leisurely breakfast with your man on a special day. 💖   Thank you daddy for making today's morning extra ordinary.
We tried their eggs benny -pumba and bacon and mushroom dream plus latte and iced coffee.

Eggs benny-pumba
bacon and mushroom dream
We stayed for a while and enjoyed the ambiance a little more. Yolk more that coffee is all about eggs I am surely going to come back here with my little girl who loves eggs!

Wow I finished it! But before I end it let me add our collage of selfies, well what's a date without a selfie...hehe.