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Weekend in Camotes Island

We have been wanting to visit this island ever since we came here in Cebu.  But only this weekend that we were able to push through and made it to the island.  Camotes island is said to he the lost horizon of the south because of its unspoiled beauty.  Well, true to it's title, you'll going to be out of the grid when you get there.  There is no internet available and phone signal on most areas.

There are two ways to get to the island.  Via Cebu City port or Danao port.  The first trip in Cebu port is at 10am but we wanted to arrive in the island early so we decided to bring our car so we could ride the first trip at 530am in Danao. We left our car for overnight parking inside the port for P300.

I captured this from the boat @ 5:30am
My daddy's girl
The boat was full, aircon tickets were already sold out so we were at the open air and that we were not able to sit in one row. Good thing that we were on the first trip because we enjoyed the morning ocean breeze plus the sunrise.

We arrived in the island around 7:30am.  We didn't get a transport service from the resort we are staying so we just hopped in to the one of the many passenger's dyipney parking at the port terminal. Good decision that we didn't get the transport service from the resort for P500. We only paid P200 for P50 per head so we saved P300 pesos right in there. 

After less than 30 minutes we arrived at Santiago Bay Resort.  
Kiddos jumped in right away for a little rest before we do the Island tour
We got a big clean and neat room better than I expected. The ambiance of the resort is also nice the only major turn down is that there is no cable tv and it is a total no phone network site which I think all  of the resorts in the island also don't have.

Off we go to our Island tour! 

We rented the same dyipney we rode to Santiago Bay Resort.  We paid P2,000 for the 7 destinations P1,000 less of what there were originally offered us. I did the bargaining and it worked, yey! Now we off to our Island tour...will be posting it next.


  1. Hi!
    What time did you leave the car in Danao Port, and what time did you pick it up? How much in total did you pay for parking?

    We're planning to leave our car in Danao Port and this information will be very helpful to us. Thanks!

    1. So sorry for the late reply. We paid only P300 for overnight parking (stated in the blog).
      I hope you were able to push through your trip.